About The Brand & Philosophy

Novita Yunus is the Founder and Creative Director of Batik Chic that established in 2009. NY by Novita Yunus is a premium brand of Batik Chic created under the framework on 2013 in Indonesia Fashion Forward’s program of Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. “Hat Geometry” (2014) and “Ocean” (2016) were launched for Jakarta Fashion Week series. Novita Yunus also fling out Indonesian flag wider when launched “Bumi Langit” (2017) as an Autumn/Winter Collection in Amazon India Fashion Week and also brought it to Italy on the September 2017, in 2018 NY by Novita Yunus launched special collection on Jakarta Fashion Week 2018 titled WARNA as collaboration project with Aeshanee by Neesha Amrish, a Hindi designer, that showcasing an eco-fashion design. On the end of 2018 "NY-TIE" was launched at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 and it showcased in Vancouver Fashion Week courtesy KJRI Vancouver. Furthermore in 2019, NY by Novita Yunus launch, "NY PAKAN" and it showcased in Fashion Nation courtesy of Senayan City, Jakarta. In Mid – 2019 NY launch “NY INDIGO MACRAMÉ” special collection courtesy of Indonesia Fashion Forward program collaboration with KJRI Tunis showcased for the first time in the Tunis Fashion Week 2019. At the end of the year, NY launch newest collection “NY DAY/NIGHT” special collection for MQ Vienna Fashion Week, the collection showcased later in Poland, Rumania, and Moldova.

Novita Yunus has canvassed many achievements since 2013, listed as Indonesia Fashion Forward (2nd generation) Award, an award that was given to designer that is considered able to expand to global market competition in 2013. Award from Asean Japan Center for Best Product and Mitsukoshi in-store also in 2013. Anugerah Perempuan Indonesia award as Perempuan Kohesif in 2014. Ernst & Young Winning Women award in 2014. Australian scholarship to study about Fashion and Textile in 2015. Kartini Award and Galeries Lafayette Bravo Woman Award in 2016.

Sustainable Business

Novita Yunus as a member of Indonesia Fashion Forward #IFF under the auspices of Jakarta Fashion Week, and also a member of Indonesia Fashion Chamber #IFC actively participate in sustainable fashion movement by always exploring variety of fabrics and new techniques that utilize fashion wastes prioritizing in environmental-friendly innovation.

This idealism simply aims to creating not only unique products, accordance with market taste, good business ethnics, but also to sustainable fashion industry.